So are you interested in a cheap web hosting service? There are millions of websites hosted over the Internet and an increasing number of websites are appearing on a daily basis. Most of us are looking for cheap web hosting but before going for any sort of web hosting, you must plan for the exact amount of space you are going to occupy.

You may need to upload only a few html pages, php documents with a very small amount of multimedia graphics files, while some others may need to upload heavy graphics, audio and video files. So it is important to know your requirement in the first place, then you should look for a web hosting service that suits your needs. Needless to say, if your plan matches with the later, there is no way that cheap web hosting will offer the type of sevice that you require.

When you look for cheap web hosting, you must look closely at three essential factors – quality, price and customer service. The price offered by a cheap web hosting company varies between $4 and $20 per month. However, factors like web space and bandwidth allocation also play a significant role in determining the price of a wed hosting service.

Even if you are looking for cheap web hosting, do take care to choose only reliable companies who have a long-established positive reputation and good client base. The necessity of customer support can be inevitable during an emergency and if you only look for a cheap web hosting package and not also for verified reputation, possibilities are that you will end up most of the time viewing a “Page can not be found” error while visiting and refreshing repeatedly your domain URL.

In addition, you might spend many sleepless nights just to receive a response email against your long-back asked queries.  So the best solution is that you should look for not only cheap web hosting but reputable web hosting for your website.