If you are planning to host your website you will need web hosting and there are plenty of options for you to choose from. If you own a large company with a huge product base and planning to host your website and expecting a good amount of traffic, you will definitely need some different options than those ones who want to host their site as a simple portfolio consisting of basic html files and images.


When you are looking for web hosting, you have various options in which you can choose from. The costliest option is in-house web hosting that many top-notch companies employ. If you opt to this type of web hosting service, you need to hire technical stuffs to manage web server. When you choose this option, you need to purchase all necessary equipment to support the server along with high-speed internet connection.


You could also look into taking the shared web hosting option. In this type of web hosting, a whole host of websites are hosted and these sites share Internet connection as well as hardware resources. However, this option is good for sites that do not expect much traffic to their business, because the bandwidth allocation is not so high for this type of service.


Another option is referred to as colocation web hosting service. If you host your site with this type of hosting service, you need to install hardware resources at your hosting provider. These hardware resources offer support for bandwidth allocation in addition to IP address and electrical systems. Since you do not need to install hardware resources at your own premises, the price is much cheaper. However, it is quite difficult to find out such providers that facilitate your local service.


Many hosting companies offer dedicated web hosting. This type of hosting facilitates both Internet connection and hardware resources for your website. When you count on dedicated web hosting, you can be rest assured of having a managed and dedicated option for your business. Needless to say, monitoring, security, support, upgrades, administration, updates, troubleshooting and testing are some integral features offered by your web hosting company that makes their service set apart from the rest.